won't go

dude I downloaded this thing and I can’t even get it to run bro. no offence but I think you guys broke it cause ma computer is the flippin boss.

Brilliant just found my new sig.

no offence, but you are not going to get much help with these type of posts, if you provide a little more info on what you are trying to do and maybe some specs of your “flippin boss” computer, we could probably help you a little more…

Just a note, the program will not “just run” if you downloaded it, extracted it and just started double clicking on files…

And I don’t know why, I get a small (very small) impression you might be using windows, is this correct?

He CAN NOT be serious.

hilarious :smiley: ! This post just made my day.

But seriously… more info on your system specifications would really help. Lets start by which operating system you are using?