with all the focus on midi...

we haven’t heard much from the other side of the soc projects: the new panning backend thingy. any news on how that is coming along? any ‘killer’ new features we can look forward to? i know it isn’t such a high profile effort as adding midi, but i think i speak for everyone when i say i am eager to see what will come of it :slight_smile:

So far there’s just been discussion on how the API should work for developers to plug in. There is also talk of if/how signal flow will change so that could affect the work I do greatly.

Officially the SoC programming timeline just started, so hopefully progress will be coming soon. Cheers

i heard someone mention the possibility of using ambisonics with it, that would be great :slight_smile: it would be another ‘killer feature’ to add to the list :wink:

look forward to see where this goes


As part of a panner plugin - definitely. Most likely won’t be a part of the base API though.

that makes sense :slight_smile:
i’m really looking forward to this