Wish List: Windows Connected to the Program, Recede to Background

Here would be a great thing for future versions of this great program, which I’m just getting introduced to and am loving. I’ve got a dual monitor setup. Ardour is full screen as the basic interface in one screen or monitor, then the Virtual Midi Keyboard, the Plugin Manager, the Midi Connection Manager or other windows are open on my 2nd screen. If I command tab (on a mac) to pop over to another program, then, yes, Ardour, as the main program and screen disapears as the program I’m using then is preeminant, but these additional windows from Ardour, stay prominent and prevail on my screen, and I have to close them out or minimize them down into the dock in order to see what other program I’m working in.

So, for a wish list, that would be what I’d ask for, that all those auxiliary windows would be gone and not float above all the other programs I have open, but just appear only when I have Ardour as the program open preeminent on my screen. I don’t feel I’m explaining myself well, but I hope the idea is being understood.

Thanks for the great work that has been done. I had been playing on my phone, downloaded an App called “BandLab” and made a bunch of mixes in it with my voice. I was able to slide clips around, copy and paste with ease. A 5 year old niece had tons of fun with me making sounds. I then wanted to get onto my computer and find a good program that would allow similar simple movement, but with more power. Garage Band sucked, some others I downloaded sucked, not giving me control to slide a recorded clip around, copy or paste it. Ardour, however, gave flawless capacity to do just that, and now I’m getting hooked and committed to want to make this my DAW for the long haul, and encourage others to join and come to know this program as well, should they want to play with sound and music creation.

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