Nice picture and funny too :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.


Very nice! Love the Ardour pyramid. Any chance of a Desktop wallpaper sized version?

With pleasure, thanks!

1920x1200 (Specially for GMac:)

Forgot to tell hello! :slight_smile:
Everything was made in Blender

Hi cooltehno, thanks!

How did you know my monitors were actually 1920x1200! :slight_smile:

@GMaq You better put on your tin foil hat, your thoughts seems to be leaking out :slight_smile:

@GMac: I’m glad. that I guessed)) Good health to you and luck with AVL!

I have to live on the windows side sometimes. So I can’t steel to install AVL with grub (have not enough knowledge) to taste in fulll power…

O! I just recalled (and it’s also similar with the topic): I’ve read in the AVL-pdf-instruction about the distribution contains Ardour (32bit) with win-VST support.
The question is:
that win-VST plugins have to be also installed through WINE or just I can put them (I mean .dll files) in some folder and set the path for Ardour?

@mhartzel: I suppose for programmers the picture is funny twice, because I’m not a programmer and don’t know how the things work :slight_smile: Thanks) As I understand WINE gives the support for plugins like Windows, but can’t give the stability and resource economy like Windows.

A quick render:


haha thoughts leaking out… explains the hair loss :slight_smile:


Perfect guess on the monitor size!

AV Linux 32bit comes with ArdourVST and a few Windows VST’s pre-installed. The pre-installed ones are found in /usr/local/lib/vst so when you run a VST plugin scan in Ardour it will find them there, if you want to add new Windows VST’s by running their installer in WINE you can choose to install them to ‘Z:/usr/local/lib/vst’ from their installer or you can install them to the ‘C:’ drive in your WINE folder, if you do this then you will have to add the path to your WINE VST folder in Ardour’s Plugin preferences so Ardour can find them there.


Looks like I understood. The difference between ArdourVST and usual Ardour is the possibility to load VST-plugins directly (not using carla). Thanks)


Yes exactly! In my experience ArdourVST (meaning Ardour built with Windows VST support) when used with Linux-only VSTs and LV2’s is very stable, perhaps as stable as native Ardour. Many Windows VST’s work fine but many are also buggy, it also seems to me that Windows VST’s on tracks work better than on busses and straight Audio Windows VSTs are more stable and predictable than Windows VST Virtual instruments on MIDI tracks.

Now that Ardour is available on Windows the use use case for ArdourVST is really shrinking and is only really feasible for a tiny niche of people who want to use 95% Linux plugins but perhaps have a Windows VST or two they can’t live without. Even myself until some of the recent Harrison and U-he plugins came along still relied on ArdourVST but I have now gone to fully Linux native Ardour with some commercial Linux plugins.

Design expansion:

Wow, nice work :slight_smile:

A wine-river theme:

(just put the file “my-dark-ardour.colors” in .config/ardour5 folder, start Ardour. The “dark” color theme in ‘Edit>Preferences>Appearance>Colors>Color Theme’ must be chosen)

Thanks, mhartzel :slight_smile:

It’s a very pleasing theme not too far from the current default. I think this would make a nicer default theme for Ardour :slight_smile: