wine extra windows and cleaning

Hi. I’ve succefully build and run ardour 2.5 with VST. It works nice. The only problem is multiple windows when opening vst plugins. I can’t semm to cut the extra windows out with my version of wine…??? Any tips?

Also, I’m thinking of completely cleaning ardour 2.5 from my system and trying out to build the 2.6.1 version to check the new features. What’s the right command to clean the VST version with scons? I’m worried because last time I did it wrong with jack I ended with multiple versions and it started to cause problems, so I had to reinstall my entire system… And it took lots of time and work!


Wine is probably not going to fix this issue anytime soon. The only option is to build and use ArdourVST with Wine and Wine-dev 0.9.52 or less.
If you use Ubuntu Hardy or newer then you will have to compile an archived older version of Wine yourself since the older Wine versions won’t install in newer Ubuntu distro versions. I can’t speak for other distros. In my own experience Ubuntu Gutsy is the last Ubuntu that ArdourVST works in “as advertised”.

As far as cleaning “scons -c” will annihilate everthing that was build generated.

The multiple windows are caused by Wine. They will not go away by rebuilding any version of Ardour. You need to talk to the Wine team about the issue.

Gmaq, if I uninstall wine 1.0 and build and install wine 0.9.52 would my current build of ardour/VST 2.6.1 use wine 0.9.52?

Or would I have to rebuild Ardour/VST 2.6.1?



Yes Ardour should run with a different but older Wine install than it was compiled with. Just make sure that whatever version of Wine you use is a matched Wine and Wine-dev.

The best policy of course is to use the same version for build and runtime. may have archived binaries of older versions for your distro, it would save you having to compile which isn’t difficult… just a PITA.

Please post back with how it worked out, we need all the info we can get for this issue.

Wine is probably not going to fix this issue anytime soon.

why is that? Was the bug submitted to the wine-devs? If not, we should definitely do it, no?


Yes by all means send in a bug report, What I meant by my comment is that since such a small number of Wine users are trying to achieve ArdourVST support, and since Wine is most concerned with getting Office/Photo/Graphic Windows programs up and running on Linux that it is doubtful that unless there are a significant number of bug reports it will get much attention.

However you do have me thinking that perhaps anyone reading this thread (including myself) should consider filing a bug report…it certainly will be more helpful than doing nothing.

It’s possible to build mutiple versions of wine and run them side-by-side. Just add the --prefix=/whatever flag when you run configure, and then set your wine environment in your shell to point to that dir. You can also specify to ardour at compile time what dir to use for wine but the method escapes me at the moment.