Windows, X42 & Jack, is it worth the trouble?

Hi all,

I am running Ardour 6 on windows 10 for a few weeks now, and I like it very much!
Being a sucker for nice visualation I found some tips on this board, and subsequently downloaded some X42-plugins. To find out immediately that 1 Windows virus protection doesn’t really like the X42 setup files (but overcame that), and 2 Jack Audio is needed to run these plugins. Jack Audio isn’t particularly new software and reading this board, I understood (and experienced) it not being necessary for Ardour.
What problems can I get myself into when deploying Jack Audio in Ardour, just for the sake of some visualisation.

Advice appreciated!



Why do you think Jack audio is needed for x42? My memory is all those plugins are packaged in LV2 format, granted not sure I have run them on Windows but would be surprised to learn that was different there.


EDIT: To Clarify, I should say I expect them to be packaged in LV2 AND as Jack Applications, much like any other platform. A quick glance at the makefile suggests this is the case and I don’t see any reason LV2s wouldn’t be compiled for Windows there, though may have missed it.

Hi Seablade,

Thanks for answering. For Windows one gets a setup.exe which, when run installs the plugin, as a Windows executable.
When run, this immediately follows:

JACK is only needed to run the standalone application(s). This is useful if you do not have a plugin-host and want to use the plugins directly with JACK instead.

If you want to use them with Ardour, you do not need them. The installer also allows to opt-out of installing JACK apps and only install the plugin(s).

PS. Ardour will automatically pick up the plugins next time you start it.

Hi Robin,

Thanks! I am a few steps closer now. But … I reinstalled these plugins without Jack, then restarted Ardour. Nowhere to find, so I added the path of the LV-dll’s to Preferences Plugins/VST - there is no Plugins/LV. Rescanned and saw the LV-folder browsed. Alas the X42-plugins do not show up.

That folder is only for VST plugins and has no effect on LV2s.

Ardour automatically and unconditionally picks up LV2 plugins on application start searching

Which plugin(s) did you install?

Does searching by “Author : Robin Gareus” show some plugin.

X42 Spectra & X42 Scope

And searching in the plugin-manager does not show them?

O, o, my oopsie, sorry. Didn’t recognize them as being called X42 Spectra & Scope in the setup files …
Thanks for your help & patience :wink:

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