Windows How to actually install lv2 plugins in Ardour

(Villagelukaschen) #1

This might sound a bit stupid but over the entire Internet, I have not found a single documentation on how to install lv2 plugin in Ardour on windows or even any thing regarding lv2 and windows at all.

So could any kind one give some instruction on how this might be possible?


(Paul Davis) #2

There are almost no LV2 plugins available separately on Windows. Ardour uses this format on all platforms for its internal plugins (the a-* series). But very few if any LV2 authors make their plugins available on Windows as ready-to-run things. That means that you’d have to compile them yourself or find somebody else who has already done this.

In general, most people working on Windows tend to use VST plugins instead of LV2 plugins. There’s nothing fundamental stopping the use of LV2, except for this issue that they are not normally available without compiling them first.

(Villagelukaschen) #3

But if the lv2 plugin states that it can be used on windows, how do you go by installing it?

Really sorry, but the documentation only showed how to install plugins on linux and ios, it didn’t show how to do it on windows.

(Paul Davis) #4

Which plugin are we talking about?