Windows: fst_load(): Cannot open plugin dll

I already installed several free VSTs and todays were looking for free strings.
All of the VSTs I tried fail to be loaded by the plugin manager. As an example, take


2021-10-30T17:58:23 [WARNING]: Windows_VST<C:\Users\asd\Documents\Plugins\VST\DSK Strings.dll>: Scan Failed.
2021-10-30T17:58:27 [WARNING]: Windows_VST<C:\Users\asd\Documents\Plugins\VST\mverb-win64\MVerb.lv2\MVerb_dsp.dll>: Scan Failed.
2021-10-30T17:58:28 [WARNING]: Windows_VST<C:\Users\asd\Documents\Plugins\VST\mverb-win64\MVerb.lv2\MVerb_ui.dll>: Scan Failed.

Latest Windows 10 Pro
Ardour version:

You use 64bit Ardour, but the plugin is 32bit – the Log says β€œFile type: i386 (32-bit)”.

64bit Ardour only loads 64bit VSTs.


Short of running 32bit Ardour (which will only load 32bit but not 64 bit VSTs), you could check if the vendor provides a 64bit version. Alternatively some plugin-bridges (e.g. plogue) can work around this and bridge CPU architectures.

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That did it!
Thank you!

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