Windows cross build

OK, I don’t have msys, but I do have cygwin on a windows machine, and waf does not behave as I would expected based on my experience building on linux.

$ ./waf
The project was not configured: run "waf configure" first!

$ ./waf configure

$ ./waf help

$ ./waf configure

$ ./waf

So waf configure is not complaining about missing dependencies like I would expect it to, and also not giving any help output. I don’t know much about the internals of waf, but I definitely have python installed on my cygwin install.

I did find that “run waf-light” message in waf:
def unpack_wafdir(dir, src):
f = open(src,‘rb’)
c = ‘corrupt archive (%d)’
while 1:
line = f.readline()
if not line: err(‘run waf-light from a folder containing waflib’)

That seems to be printed when waf cannot unpack some needed archive file, which looking farther down in the waf code seems to rely on bunzip2 being present on the system. Does msys have bunzip2 installed?