Windows - can't drag sounds onto timeline

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 11.18.52

I have a (remote, online) student working on a Windows machine who is unable to drag sounds from the Source or Region list onto the timeline. See screenshot: this strange cursor is what he sees when he tries (the sound is called ‘market’). Either dragging to an existing track or underneath to create a new one. He’s a computer beginner as well as an Ardour beginner, and I’m not so far ahead of him with Ardour so struggling to work out what to do as I’ve never encountered it myself (on Mac).
All sounds and tracks are stereo.
In this case he made a new session, imported sounds as new tracks, deleted one audio file and tried to drag it back from the source list onto the track it was just deleted from. Can someone enlighten us?

I just tested this on my Windows install. I have no problems importing, deleting then dragging back from the source list.

However, I did some more clicking around trying to get the cursor you show and the only time I see that is when I attempt to drag an audio file onto a bus or the master (or anywhere else it doesn’t make sense to drag a file). The cursor is just the regular drag/insert cursor without the + symbol.

Thanks. I have a Windows machine too, but I can’t replicate the problem either.

As you say, on Windows that cursor shape with a + seems to be the norm and the shape helps drop the sound with some accuracy. On a Mac it’s just a + in a green circle, or if I try to drag an audio file onto the master I get no cursor shape at all (just the name of the file).

I wonder if the student has some odd Windows mouse/trackpad preferences set, though looking at the Windows laptop I have here I can’t find a setting that causes the problem

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