Windows: Ardour not recording

Just installed this app and still figuring it out. i wanted to use it as an alternative to audacity, for recording and editing voice over, and maybe some casual music stuff. but for now i’m just trying to record something and its not really working. the sound monitor is working. i can hear myself speak, but nothing happens when i record. time code in the EDIT tab stays at 0. same if i try to record in the RECORDING tab. the record button will flash but as i speak nothing is written to the audio track. is this a bug or am i just doing something wrong?

please excuse my noob speak, im quite new to all this.

Ardour uses a model which mimics the transport control of a multi track tape machine.
You need to arm the track you want to record, set the global arm in the transport bar, then hit the play button to start the transport.

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you sir/ma’am have saved my life. i had to do a real big think to make sense of your terminology, but i managed to figure it out and now i know how to record. just to clarify when you say “global arm” are you referring to the record button on the top left next to the play pause and record buttons? also what is a transport bar?

Yes to your first question, and to your second question:


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