windows 64 bit installer

Hi there,
new user trying to download the 64bit installer from the nightly site. Have paid my dues yet the nightly site will not accept my username and password to gain access to the non silent version of windows ardour 64 bit.
I’ve amended my password and tried again but still no luck.
Is there a delay between joining and nightly recognizing an acount?
Is there a minimum donation for the Windows version?

Any assistance gratefully received.

Please ignore my above. Have resolved.

I’m encountering the same situation, but I don’t know what to do to resolve it. I’m guessing there’s a delay, but if someone could confirm, that’d be great.

You have to be a suscriber (monthly contribution) to gain access to the full versions on the nightly site. If you are a suscriber and your login is not working, email Paul at, and he will make it right. There were recent technical problems encountered with the PayPal system that affected some users. The problems are believed to be fixed now.

Contacting Paul is what I did, and now all is well. Thanks!