Window size of Ardour 2.8.3

Hi all,
I just compiled ardour 2.8.3 for jaunty (using ppa libsndfile package) with vst support on a Sony Vaio. But I am experiencing a little visualization problem: with my laptop max resolution (1280 x 800), ardour main window doesn’t fit the screen unless I change the character siz to 60, that’s too small for me! With precompiled 2.8.2 package it didn’t happen. Is there any option in scons to solve this?



I suppose you are using it in italian.
The latest Italian translation make the screen (and also mixer strips) too large.

export LANG=C && ardour2

to use it in english and see if it helps


Yes it helps thanx, but there are still some visualization problems, like cutted text, but they are quite common with “small” resolutions!

It’s the same with polish version.

You can workaround that by creating e.g. /usr/bin/ardour2-c with following contents:

LANG=C /usr/bin/ardour2

and executable attributes.

Then modify commandline in /usr/share/applications/ardour.desktop from /usr/bin/ardour2 to /usr/bin/ardour2-c