Will version 2.5 still do VST ?


I am really looking forward to the upcoming 2.5 release in respect to the recent fixes of the plug-in interface in general. Reading around some of the recent posts here it would seem that support for VST is not moving forward and is not going to be continued into version 3. I can guess and do understand what the motivations behind that decision would be, however I have a really great setup with 2.4.1. Will version 2.5 have any code changes relating to fst/VST, and will 2.4.1 projects be compliant with version 2.5?

I have tested my current setup enough to take on some commercial work, if version 2.5 will be a relatively stable update I would like to wait until it comes out before I start this project. Any insight from our esteemed developer(s) would be appreciated. TIA!

VST support is not moving forward, but we have no plans to remove it or deprecate it.
VST support in 3.0 is low priority, but again, there are no plans to remove it. It may not work at present, but thats a different issue.


Thanks for replying, your time and hard work are very much appreciated, I’ll give 2.5 a go when it’s released and look forward to it.