Will Touch Monitors work?

Is anyone using touch monitors as their control surface. I’m thinking that instead of buying a control surface I can but two touch monitors and use one for the mixer and one for the editor. Will this work? Any problems that I should be aware of? I am using Ubuntu Studio as my OS.

The GUI toolkit that Ardour uses is not touch-aware.

So to the extent that your touch monitors can translate touches into mouse-like events, things should just work. But to whatever extent they cannot, things will not work.

So, that’s the question? What will work and what will not work?

I have a laptop with a touchscreen that emulates a single mouse with left-click (there are options for gestures that can also send scroll events and right-click).

I find it only useful for google-maps, but pretty much useless for Ardour. It works is fully functional, but it’s far from convenient, nor efficient. Particularly since Ardour also uses modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt, etc).

For Ardour’s editor, you do want at least a mouse with easy access to left/right buttons and X/Y scrolling. Not to mention, the hand obscures screen context, which makes editing even more awkward. It won’t replace a keyboard either, since you do want access to keyboard shortcuts.

For the mixer, I prefer a control surface that provides haptic feedback and is touch sensitive and not limited to single-touch (e.g FaderPort).

If you do want multi-touch interface for Ardour, check out TouchOSC or Lemur. Those can remote control Ardour’s mixer via OSC.

Only very basic functionality will work essentially. Nothing that requires a middle click, and probably not much that uses right click. No multi-touch functionality, as each finger press would be interpreted as a mouse click, and the computer expects only a single mouse.

So essentially would it work? Kind of. Would it be worth it? Probably not.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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