Will Mixbus see DX fx in Windows?

I just have a couple of old favorites that are DX. Is it time to dump them or is there some way they’ll show up?

@geoffsct: although i do not work for Harrison, I can tell you very straightforwardly that Mixbus does not support DX FX and there are no plans to develop support for them.

Thanks Paul. I didn’t think so. No big loss, just a couple of verbs I’ve been using for too long anyway.
@Chrisg: I in fact was directing the question to Harrison as this is the Windows section of the forum and straight Ardour doesn’t run in Windows…yet.

Ardour does not run on Windows, and certainly doesn’t support DX Fx on the two platforms (Linux, OS X) that it does run on. I think this is a question to direct to Harrison, they have 100% control on their port of Mixbus to Windows.