Will EastWest Symphonic orchestra work with Ardour on a Mac?

Symphonic orchestra uses AU or VST (not sure if it’s Mac or Windows VST) and I know that Ardour is supposed to support AU, but I haven’t seen any evidence that it will work specifically with an AU sample library like the EW Symphonic orchestra.

I’d like to know if it will work with Ardour before spending ~$100 on the library.

There’s no reason for it not to work. If it doesn’t work, then we’d want to know and would work with you on trying to fix it. The big issues with the sample playback plugins like EW tend to be managing the number of outputs and routing them appropriately.

I went ahead an purchased the sound library. I’m still really new to Ardour, but my initial testing indicates that it works just fine. I didn’t even have to tell Ardour where to look for the plugin!