Will ardours built in plugins ever get auto gain feature

I often miss the lack of certain features in plugins when using ardour and other Linux plugins. Automatic Gain compensation is one of them. I always had to use a proprietary or paid third party plugin that is mostly windows and Mac plugin. When not too many Linux native plugins have this feature. Maybe it’s not something that’s desired by many. But it’s a nice feature to have.

One that springs to mind is x42 Compressor.

X42 plugins don’t have auto gain features

click on the link, read the 2nd paragraph:

The compressor features auto makeup-gain, fixed at -10 dBFS/RMS. This maintains perceived loudness over a wide range of thresholds and ratio settings.

Hard to say if that does what you want though. I hazard a guess you rather want e.g. an EQ that lowers the overall gain when you raise some frequency band. Personally I think that gets in the way more than it helps, especially when automating the EQ. YMMV.

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Oh I guess I didn’t know that. Not sure how it works. If I adjust ratio then it will auto gain to -10?

Compressor / Expander / Gate with auto makeup gain… (just had to mention…)


  • Versatile compressor with auto gain-makeup.


Cool. Will overtone have this for their analog eqs as well?

Yes, also visible in the GUI. -10 dBFS/RMS is a fixed point and the gain indicator at the bottom shows this, too:

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