Will Ardour continue to use 3rd party plugins?

Once we get a very stable release of Ardour, will the developer team eventually create stock plugins for the DAW, or will we continue to use 3rd party plugins such as CALF and Guitarix? I believe that we would all benefit from this because Ardour has a very different UI and we need more plugins that will merge better with the unique design. It’s probably too early in the builds to tell, but what is everyone’s thoughts on this?

There will always be a need for third party plugins. The goal of the creation of the a-* suite was not to replace that need but to make sure enough was provided with Ardour to cover the basics so someone could jump in and start working is my understanding.


Ardour 5.12 is very stable. And it includes a set of stock plugins. Why do you think Ardour is not stable? And why do the plugins distributed with Ardour already not meet your description?
But the number of possible plugins is so vast there is no way the Ardour team can make every possible plugin, nor would they want to, so 3rd party plugins will always be useful. See for example https://overtonedsp.co.uk/ for emulation of vintage equipment. Always good linux support from Overtone, so the plugins can be used on all the platforms Ardour supports.

a-* suite is really nice but it would be even cooler with the ability to directly drag the freq/db line with mouse in a-eq

@ roithamer
Like That ?

You just have to pull your mouse over and roll.

Thank you! I wasn’t aware you can make plugin sliders visible in the mixer strip! Really useful.

But was talking about the ability to directly drag the point on the curve in the graph window - just like in Calf Eq’s or Eq4Q etc.