Will Ardour 7 be released 2022

Been waiting a long time for next release of ardour. This time around seems like it’s taking forever.

Every time someone asks this question the release is delayed by a month or so… :wink:

Joking aside, Paul mentioned they were planning to release by the end of the month, I think.

(As it is said: it will be releasedwhen it is ready.)


Oh man I better stop asking, but ya I’ve been really waiting for it, ardour has been very good overtime. I use studio one 5 but im still interested in ardour, that speaks volumes.

Tired of mixbus

Just out of curiosity: What makes you tired of Mixbus, but interested in Ardour?

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Good day,

that’s a very good question and a very interesting one, which makes Ardour more interesting than Mixbus.

In fact, both programs handle the same thing. Get a good final sound. Take a close look at both programs. You will find that the operation differs greatly in the surface.

The question of perspective is more, I think, what do I need for a good final sound. What am I satisfied with? How much time do I want to invest in this? And: What am I willing to spend financially on it. Perhaps the learnability of software also plays a major role. Do I need software for private use or professionally. The age of the user sometimes also plays a major role.

Therefore, so many questions play a major role in the purchase of software.

When I start Ardour, this click already gives me a positive interest in investing a lot of time and doing something with it that makes sense. This effect does not exist with Audacity, although this software also has its advantages. With Ardor I feel like I’m in a small recording studio. And that brings Ardour and me into focus at home because I only use Ardour at home and alone.

I occasionally use Ardour for creating sounds (taste is debatable) and enhancing sounds. That is a lot of fun.

Mixbus would not pay off for me for this work, although Mixbus can do far more than Ardour.

Check out Mixbus. Even the plenty of professionally equipped channel strips convince you to work with Mixbus. Every commercial recording studio keeps an eye on it in order to produce a good final sound as quickly and conveniently as possible. For commercial recording studios, this software is just right. With a glance and a few clicks, you can operate everything important from the mixer without having to install additional plugins. A great thing.

What do you think?

My issues with mixbus 32c specifically is I felt misled by the marketing about there 32c when it turns out it’s just a clean eq with a curve of the 32c I was upset about it. I was trusting in them so much I ignored my own conclusions about it, that’s just my personal gripe with Harrison.

Also the extra dsp load is not working for me anymore as the channel strips I don’t use as it’s not very flexible for my mixes, so again waste of functionality and dsp.

I like to say on top of current software releases but mixbus releases have not been very interesting. (Feels like kinda more of the same)

In closing I just feel less respect for the Harrison brand and I do want to uninstall and move on from them for good.

When I use ardour it’s like a clean slate without mixbus bogging down my system

I would love to see a mixbus with an eq that actually has substance and character that makes me feel want to go to it for that sound, I have lots of digital eqs that can mimic analog curves already.

And I would like mixbus to have a fully featured compressor with attack, release, ratio etc.

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The main benefit of Mixbus is workflow related. There is no need to open plugin windows. EQ and Compressor are right there, busses are set up, ready to use and there are a lot of subtle details.

Mixbus’ default tape workflow with two strategically placed saturation stages (off by default) is brilliant. The DSP is very well done, efficient and without adding unwanted artifacts.

The sound of the compressor, levler and limiter are obviously subjective.

EQs however are all just short delays. They are liner and time invariant, and do not have “substance and character”.

The special thing about the 32C EQ is the control (proportional Q, modeled after the original 32C), and easy of use.

Personally I like that I have to turn only a few knobs to get a good result, fewer controls is often better. Harrison has a knack to provide the right controls, with the right parameter range. That is where their 5+ decades of working with sound engineers really shows. I learn a lot from working with them on occasion.

That being said in a few special cases I also use a compressor plugin with more controls.

I understand, for Me its mainly just my expectations were not realistic based on how ixbus 32c was presented to me, I have other plugin channel strips that I can’t go back to 32c for. Just wish 32c had something tangible. I have plenty of stock eqs and at times the 32c curves are too wide to use for lots of use cases but I use them when I can but I find myself having to grab another eq before or after so I can adjust the Q etc.

Don’t get me wrong mixbus is great, I look forward to see what they come out with next, but 32c just isn’t what I’m looking for .

I would like mixbus to have a fully featured compressor with attack, release, ratio etc.

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Yes I understand there is this plugin but I was talking about the mixbus mixer strip

Good day,

I have to ask a question here.

Recording studios swear by compressor plugins. I’ve never used a compressor plugin before.

What exactly does this plugin do? How exactly do you use it? What do I have to pay particular attention to?

Compression basically allow you to control turn down loud parts of a recording bringing closer the loudest parts to the quiet parts of a recording so that the volume is more consistent and not very dynamic meaning the audio won’t jump around in volume when loud parts are happening vs quiet parts. I recommend you to check YouTube for more information about it, lots of videos that can explain things better. Hope that helps

Good day,

Thank you for your quick help.

The undertakings are a precise matter.
I’ll experiment a little.

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