Will a Sample Library be Implemented?

I’ve been using Ardour for a few months now, and I have been wondering why there is no sample library where you can store drums, percussion, fx, and things like that. Will one be implemented in future updates or will it stick to its nature of being best for bands?

Ardour itself doesn’t use samples or sample libraries. That is done by a variety of plugins (your choice). The plugins that use sample libraries that we include with ardour (e.g. a-fluid) use standard SoundFont2 format “libraries” and there are many of these available online.

If you were using some other plugin that uses sample libraries, then it either uses a proprietary format (which we cannot do anything about), or it uses SoundFont2 (then use available libs) or SFX (we sadly don’t offer a builtin plugin that supports this format fully).

We have discussed the idea of doing some related to stuff to this … it may or may not show up in a future release.

Finally, if you organize your sample libraries using your computer’s filesystem, Ardour is actually not that bad at browing them for import into the region list.

I’ve always organised my samples in my filesystem, and for me that works fantastically. (I make electronic music mostly)

Yeah, the Import dialogue (ctrl+i, or Session -> Import) is quite functional, assuming your samples are organized to your liking on your hard drive. You can preview samples just by clicking on them if you have Auto-play enabled. You can bookmark your sample folders to have quick access to them (right click on a folder in the file browser). I only recently discovered you can even drag and drop samples directly into tracks from the Import window!

Thank you everyone for informing me. I will stick to my samplers.