Wild Divinity - Home

Here is the newest original song that we recorded in Ardour. The plugins used were basically just X42 Eq, A-Compressor, and LSP Impulse Reverb. My father in law gave us a tabetop drum kit that and used for the percussion and I have a brand new Telecaster that I got to record for the 1st time on this song.

Hi, nice song.

My only criticism would be that the squeaking / finger sliding noise of the acoustic(?) guitar jumps out a bit too much, at least for my taste. :slight_smile:

After playing around with the track a bit, I found that the frequency of this noise is around 2.9kHz. If I notch it out a bit (LSP parametric EQ, bell with Q=10 and -12dB, YMMV), it also will get rid of a whistling sound, where I can’t tell from which track it is initially coming from.
Just try it out and I hope you also hear the difference…

Best regards.

Hey thanks. That’s helpful. I still plan on mastering these songs before I release them as an album on Spotify, etc. I appreciate your input.