Wierd plugin stuff

Hi,I’ve just had a wierd thing happen with a plugin. I selected an input for a track to record[no plugins on the selected track] and three other tracks all with multiband eq’s plugged in went crazy, a mass of digital distortion and the meters showed levels of over 500db.Anyway bypassing the EQ’s let me track the part I wanted and restarting the box seemed to stop it altogether.Does anyone have any ideas of what may have been the problem? The session is now behaving normally. cheers pete

multiband EQ is known to be buggy, and will likely go on a blacklist whenever we start using one.

Thanks Paul for the quick reply I’ll just avoid it.And thanks again for the great software.Cheers pete

Paul – I see that there’s some idea of a “blacklist” for buggy plugins. Is there anything preliminary I (we) could see?

I run into this from time to time, and it would be great to know which plugins to avoid, or some way to get rid of them altogether.


Try installing FIL plugins. It has a nice 4-band parametric EQ that works well and is stable. Your distro might have a package (on Debian it’s called fil-plugins). I had the same problem with EQs until I installed it.