Why there is a black box next to my plugin GUI?

I just noticed that on every artyfx plugin GUI there is a black box next to it. Is there any way to fix this not to show in Ardour ?
Here is a photo form artyfx plugins inside Ardour -->

I don’t think you can do anything about it unless you modify Ardour’s source and recompile.
The basic problem appears to be that the plugins are too minimalistic for Ardour’s default button set.

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The cause of this is the toolbar that Ardour adds.

Ardour6 made it significantly less wide[1], but still the ArtyFX plugins are odd.

If I remember correctly, previous versions of the plugins used LV2’s “externalUI” feature, to show the plugins in a dedicated window. I think that was dropped because you loose the opportunity to save/load presets.

One oddity is that the plugin UI should be centered (that depends on the version of libsuil though). Is this Ardour from ardour.org/download?

[1] http://libregraphicsworld.org/blog/entry/week-recap-28-august-2019#music

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Aham… I understand now. Thank you @x42 for this explanation.
Btw this is ardour 6 from git source code. I was using libsuil-0-10-0 and libsuil-dev-0-10-0 versions.

It doesn’t get centered with suil-0.10.6 or the latest git version, using Ardour 6 compiled from git, either.
Maybe you need the official Ardour binary.

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