Why, oh why is my recording misaligned? Help!

Folks, I’m pulling my hair out and up against a deadline. I’m pretty new to Ardour, but I’ve been highly successful at using it to record and mix, at least until tonight. Tonight, I record new audio or I add existing audio, then it isn’t in the right place–the new waveform begins where the playhead stops, rather than staying aligned as I recorded it. (Does that make sense?)

It’s driving me absolutely batty, and I can’t find an explanation anywhere. Considering that I’m up against a deadline, your help would be deeply appreciated. It may also keep me from going completely bonkers…

make sure you’re in “Slide Edit” mode, not in “Splice Edit”. Look at the edit mode button around the top left corner of the editor window, under the main transport toolbar.

It was just that simple! Thank you very much.