Why not highlight Mastering on the Ardour website?

I don’t think I’ve brought this up before but I wonder why Ardour’s mastering abilities are treated as a footnote on the website? Sure, recording, editing and mixing are given the three-column limelight but “…and then go on to master and export your work” seemed to massively underplay this amazing aspect of Ardour. We have access to powerful exporting options including simultaneous multi-format with one click, meta-tagging, real CD frame-snapped track markers, wav+cue, high-quality SRC, loudness normalization both via LAN and the export dialog (both with fancy graphical analysis). The list goes on…

Some DAWs don’t even allow for proper album export (i.e. no support for track markers) and even Samplitude Pro X which I consider the closest in workflow (versus Pyramix which only deals with audio not midi) has sub-par SRC and lacks the multi-format export, loudness conforming on export etc (for that you need the $3k Sequoia!).

This all to say, I truly appreciate the mastering abilities of Ardour (and Mixbus) and wonder if it would be worth highlighting them more prominently on the website?


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