Why is there a glitch in the metronome when looping

When I set a loop for one bar with magnet to bars selected I expected a solid loop in time where midi notes I play not muted at the end and the metronome wont glitch in the end and stay in time. I reported this long ago and have had this problem every time I use loops Ardour. What is the reason for this? Is it only me experiencing this? I’m I the only one how cares about this?

MIDI looping will be an area of intense focus for the 6.0 release. It is known to work incorrectly in all existing releases, at least in cases where note boundaries coincide with the loop boundaries (it does work in other situations).

The metronome issue is separate. What version of Ardour are you using?

I’ll use 5.12 in both Linux and Windows, to reproduce - turn on the metronome, set a loop and then listen to the last click that is also the first(at the point where the loop go back to start location) that metronome click is glitched or clipped.

I’m not sure if I hear double metronome clicks (at the point where the loop go back to start location) like a Flanging effect
but something isn’t right with that click when playing an instrument it makes me sad

So you really want to know “why”? :slight_smile:

I stumbled upon this half a year ago when implementing latency compensation. There are at least three problems in 5.12 (and earlier version). 1. Metronome clicks are scheduled ahead of time and 2. they’re offset by the output latency: The loop-points are wrongly offset by worst_track_latency 3. The tempo-map has rounding issues when converting musical-time to/from sample-time.

It’s not uncommon that multiple clicks are scheduled for playback when looping. It’s a known long-standing issue. Upcoming Ardour 6 will have the infrastructure to resolve this at some point.

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All these kids and their new fangled loopty loops. In my day we had to play a song all the way from beginning to end, and we liked it that way. :slight_smile:

@ccaudle; the loop beginning and end are really the beginning and end of the song, though :slight_smile: