Why is the fader blue?

I have two buses that have an equivalent setup. Why is the snare bus fader blue and why are many of the controls disabled? I don’t know where to begin troubleshooting this. Please help. I don’t find any answers in the manual.

It looks like you double-clicked on the “Plate Reverb Bus” button and thus switched to the dedicated control mode for that bus send. In that mode, the fader controls the bus send level instead of the track’s gain, and some buttons are disabled because they don’t apply to the send (mute, solo, arm recording, etc). Double-click on the bus button to switch back to the normal mode.


Ahh, I see. Thanks a lot. That was a nice feature I didn’t know about. Ardour seems full of those :slight_smile:

I would love to test this feature, because I think it can help me out, but the described way does not really seem to function for me.
Is this feature bound to specific versions of Ardour? Or should the option be enabled somewhere?

I am testing Ardour 6.9 on Linux at the moment. Thus far, only love to Ardour and the community

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