Why is space bar playing from mouse position?

I was annoyed that pressing space bar to stop playback does not return the playhead to original the position. I decided to try and bind keys to suit, but seem to now be in a worse position.

Now, when I press space to start playback, it plays from wherever my mouse cursor is, not from where the playhead is. I cant understand what I’ve done that’s causing this. Any ideas? I’ve tried resetting the key bindings but this makes no difference.

Ideally, what I want is:
Space to play = start from wherever playhead is (position x)
Space to stop = stop and returns to original position x

Can anyone help me archive this?

Perhaps try to reset key-bindings?

By default ‘p’ plays from the mouse-position, and space only toggles roll/stop (with optional auto-return).

Thanks for your suggestion. I had actually tried resetting the key bindings which appeared to make no difference.

Looks like resetting the key bindings doesnt actually take effect until the application is restarted.

After resetting key bindings, restarting the application, and enabling Auto Return, I now have the functionality was after.


Slight correction, I believe ‘p’ by default moves the playhead to the mouse position, but I don’t believe it starts transport (I use it quite often like this as it is useful for editing while the edit point is set to playhead)

You’re correct, p just moves the playhead. I wrote a script to start playback from mouse position, if this was a native functionality though it would be good :slight_smile:

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