why is signal comming through

it is probably a too noob question… but why do i hear the mic in capture1 through my speakers (playback1&2)
I do not get it since there is nothing connected to opneem/audio_out
thank you!

My first thought would be you may have a DSP mixer built in to your sound card that is routing that. What audio interface is that?


thanks for the input!
It is an Echo Audiofire 12

Yes the audio fire does have a dsp mixer that can cause this.

ohw thank you, eh how can i kill that?

You need to use the software that controls the DSP mixer to make sure that you don’t have any mixes set up, other than from your DAW to your outputs. Sorry I am not sitting in front of one at the moment to walk you through it.


Thanks for the input!
where can i find ¨the software that controls the DSP mixer¨
That would not be the ffado driver, right?

Fairly certain if you are using FFADO there is a mixer app with it for this purpose, sorry I can’t tell you more than that.


Thank you that helped, i searched for ffado mixer
All input pairs are connected to all output pairs and panned hard.
I guess i have to mute all channels, right?

What does ¨Pad¨ mean in the input tab?

sorry wrong pic, unable to edit:

Yes chances are you want to mute those if you don’t want to hear Input 1 Out of Output 1 the entire time. This is a useful functionality for monitoring while recording, but if left in place could certainly get distracting.

Pad on the output likely lowers the reference level of the output to make a quieter signal, needed if the full level output will overdrive the equipment your are plugging it into.


okay thank you!
it all works now :slight_smile: