Why doesn’t ardour have this issue

When I use another Daw, I have noticed that some audio samples like kick and sub bass would always click when I jump around the timeline when audio is playing and when I use ardour , I don’t have this problem at all so obviously this is not a problem for ardour but I’m just wondering why it seems to work very well with ardour , but with another daw that I’ve used it has this issue where some audio samples that are used to create drum patterns, or even some loops of bass they seem to clip every time I would jump around the audio when is playing has anybody encountered this using another program?

I have used studio one and reason so far, it’s very annoying especially on headphones, it has made me consider mixing in ardour instead but i have been trying to investigate ways I could eliminate this problem and I’ve been trying to make ardour have this problem so I can see how to resolve it but I haven’t been able to.

I tried to see if samples were clipped
I adjust attack time on samples and exported them and they still have that artifact sound.

It’s either ardour just handles playback differently than other daws or other daws are just showing me issues in those types of samples or maybe it’s natural to have artifacts when you interrupt a sound wave in the low frequency spectrum I don’t know.

Without knowing details about the other DAW(s), I suspect this is due to lack of de-clicking.

When manually starting or stopping the transport or locating in Ardour, short fades in/out are added to de-click. You can enable/disable this in Ardour > Session > Properties > Fades.

If you disable it, and start playing in the middle of a non-silent region, there can be an immediate jump in the signal level from silence. This is usually audible as high freq click.

PS. for loops, Ardour offers Preferences > Transport > Loop Fades. by default there is a cross-fade.

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Thanks I tested this and yes it does reveal the same issue when I disabled the feature. The daw i was talking about was studio one and reason.

I was in contact with the support team of studio one and I didn’t know what to do but now i understand what studio and other daws need to implement so I went ahead and submitted a feature request. Surprised that other daws don’t have a fix for this.

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It is rather complicated, especially fade-out and then rewind to the position before the fade-out, so that you can resume playback directly after a stop, or precise locate.

A fade-in at start is also not trivial due to latency compensation, and not cutting off onsets…

Oh ic well ardour has it done very well. I’m really proud of ardour overall. It has come a long way.

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