Why do JACK Packages not need to modify fstab file?


I have been testing JACK .116.1 for a few weeks now, other than it not seeming to like VST plugins as much as .109.2 did I want to include it in my next A/V Linux ISO to be prepared for Ardour 3.

When you build JACK from source you are instructed to make a tmpfs entry in your /etc/fstab file. When you install a JACK package from a repository it doesn’t do this, what does JACK use for swap then?

When someone downloads my ISO files the installer writes a new fstab based on the new user’s hardware config so anything I’ve put in there is wiped out.

Does JACK always require the tmpfs or ramfs or only on systems with little or no swap space or RAM?

Thanks -GLEN


I get it,

Swap was a bad choice of word, especially in a Linux context…I should’ve know better, I meant whatever “slush space” JACK is using to accommodate the Disk I/O.

Thanks for answering.

Ciao GMaq,
Read this : http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/what-is-devshm-and-its-practical-usage.html
It should give you a better understanding of what /dev/shm is used for :slight_smile:


Great Link, much appreciated!

Almost all modern linux distributions now feature a tmpfs mounted on /dev/shm, and JACK uses this by default. Swap space has nothing to do with JACK - if your system is swapping, you should probably stop using JACK and fix that first.

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