Why do jack block my flashplayer.

When i startup Jack (via QJackctl) the flashplayer in the Firefox window just stops.

Why is that?

Right now I’m trying out the latest UStudio release on a USB-stick (not installed), but it does the same thing on my 10.04 Ubuntu with Rt and studio packages.

No big deal, really, just wondered why…

Ah, ok. Got it.

And yes, Audacious works via Jack.

In that case, there is a misunderstanding somewhere.

The trouble I get, is not audio missing, It’s the player stopping.

I can not play the flashplayer at all (but audacious works).

I now have a hardware solution to this. I use an external USB soundcard (Edirol Ua-1000) for JACK and then have the output of my onboard audio card mixed with the output of the UA-1000 in my mixing desk, so I don’t have to have two pairs of speakers.

That is pretty much because flash is being told it can’t output audio, so it essentially crashes or freezes until it can. I’m not sure why audacious works, I’ve never used it. Maybe it can output to JACK?

One at a time, right, I wasn’t thinking digitally…

Thank’s for the links.
I’ll check them out, later.

Some of them don’t seem to work…

All well.

The same reason Jack blocks other audio systems from working on a single audio device, because it requires it be the only thing running on that device.