Why blacklist plugins

I know all DAWs do it but what is the reason to blacklist plugins?

“Any plugin that misbehaves during scan will be blacklisted, as they’ll most likely cause crashes when your projects become more complex.” [https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=135874]

To very slightly expand on the last answer, it means that we attempted to load and test the plugin, and it either crashed Ardour or failed the test. We don’t want this loaded again, unless the user manually overrides the blacklisting.

I see. Is the test standard across all DAWs? Or is each DAW allowed to set its own testing criteria?

The criteria for VSTs are “does it crash when loaded into Ardour”. I expect that is Ardour specific :slight_smile: Audio Units are also only blacklisted when a plugin crashes Ardour while being scanned.

There’s no LV2 blacklist since those plugins are discovered only by reading meta-data. LV2 is extensible and Ardour ignores plugins that require features which Ardour cannot provide.


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