Who's Got My Skinny Toe?

I actually recorded and mixed this for my band a few years ago,but checking in to see what’s new with Ardour.

At that time, I was using an Ubuntu Studio distro with a real-time kernel patch, on a dell laptop. Didn’t have proper firewire card on that platform (I recall the Texas Instruments PCI cards were supposed to be good, and whatever was in my laptop was supposed to be bad), but it was good enough to record a bunch of projects. We would hear crackle and pop during local playback over the firewire interface of our platform, but what was being recorded was laid down cleanly.

Used Ardour for laying down our original tracks one at a time, and then extensive use of automation curves and plugins. Ran into all kinds of quirks, especially with the automation curves, but we learned to live with it and finish a bunch of stuff.

Now I’m looking to build a clean basic distro and compile modern versions of specific tools I want, like Ardour 3.

I didn’t see before, but one of the guys posted up other songs we made. All the ones listed here I mixed with Ardour: