who wants to help me get my omega to work?

I just got a Lexicon omega. I compiled the alsa drivers, utils, and libs. I have ardour working. I have Qjackctl, but it won’t start jack or connect anything, it does however acknowledge my omega is there. I don’t quite understand how to get jack to work and use my interface to record in ardour. I know this is beginner stuff, and I would really appreciate anyone who helps, treating me like a beginner :slight_smile: and starting from the beginning and explaining everything in detail. I really appreciate any response and thanks in advance. As you can imagine I’m pretty bummed, I have songs ready to record, and thought this was going to be easier.

general advice: when asking people for help with software that you’ve never used before, doing something you’ve never done before, and it turns out to be more complex than you’d hoped, don’t remark on feeling “pretty bummed”. linux software in general is frequently designed to make hard things possible at the expense of making trivial things rather non-obvious. that means that initial learning curve can be steep - the payoff is that program really can do what you want once you get very good at using it, rather than you facing the realization that the hard stuff is just impossible.

you would also be advised to learn to use google to search for help before writing to forums. for example, the top ranked hit in google if you search for “ardour tutorial” is this:


it won’t tell how to handle device specific issues, but other than that its a pretty fine document.

regarding your problems with JACK, you’ve provided very little information that would allow anyone to help you. when you report problems with software, you need to specify every piece of information that might allow someone else to replicate the problem. otherwise it is normally very difficult for anyone to meaningfully assist you.

finally, problems like this are much better (read: quicker) handled if you use our IRC channel (see http://ardour.org/support). rather than waiting for hours to get responses from other more experienced ardour users or developers, you will generally have to wait only minutes (barring a few “dead” times of day).