Who knows a pitchcontrol plugin with gliding pitch from beginning to the end?

Who can help me?
I’m looking for a pitch control plugin which can shift the pitch from beginning (0%) sliding to the end (100%).
For example I like to adjust the pitch from a choir which decline its pitch over a time.

Please excuse my simple english.

Thanks Alfred

AM pitchshifter by Steve Harris + automation

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Long ago I’ve used rubberband pitchshifter, also automated by ardour, for exactly this use case, with good results.

x42 Auto Tune can probably do this in manual mode using automation.

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I like to use modular approaches in this regard.

There are great open source options out there. it’s really an amazing time if you want to learn about the basics of synthesis (Or you could spend time in a old University that has an old analog synth lab…) Are you talking about midi or audio tracks? Voltage controlled synthesis or digital slowdowners? Glissandi and portamento…?

Thank to all for their answer.
I am talking about audio tracks.
With all mentioned plugin I couldn’t find a way to increase or decrease the pitch continually over a specific time from e.g. 440 to 480 Hz.
Perhaps my question is now more clear.

I’ve searched my external HDD and found a session that shows how I’ve done it. I had used the LADSPA variant of rubberband stereo pitch shifter, had to reinstall it to access its automation data for this screenshot. I hope it helps you to set up a similar environment, it surely is possible.

EDIT: sorry for the inactive Mixbus32C plugin entries visible in the processor box, it seems this session got saved from Mixbus once in the past, but as we’re in the Ardour forum, I made the screenshot using a recent version of Ardour, just to demonstrate.

Edgar, thank you very much, now I understand (der Groschen ist gefallen).

Hallo Albert. Probiere das Plugin Gform von gvst. Ich finde das Plugin genial. Gibt es für Windows und Linux

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