Which version of Linux does Ardour operates smoothly?

Hello people.
I am just trying to get some input advice from people who do actually use Ardour on Linux os. Practically, me is asking for a suggestion to known specifically under which Linux versions does Ardour operates smoothly?..

In short; Comparing the many versions “builds” of Linux lines,which Linux platform seems less struggling virtual wise for Ardour to run well?

for me ardour runs well on linux mint ubuntu and debian, and manjaro arch. so i would say on “every” platform :wink: but you should get the ardour version download from ardour.org

If you want to make your life simple, use AVLinux. If you want to make it very slightly less simple, use the kxstudio repository as an add-on to a Ubuntu/Ubuntu Studio system.

All versions of Linux can run Ardour smoothly. The question is the amount of work involved in making that happen. Also, keep in mind that many of the worst problems with running Ardour come from the sorts of issues described here: http://manual.ardour.org/setting-up-your-system/the-right-computer-system-for-digital-audio/

or use the KXStudio distro CD… (there is a recent version but it’s based on 14.04 LTS. .it still should be fine on most systems).

Thank you all for all the insight. Have a Good/Night/Evening everyone.

I use Ardour (for professional radio work) on different systems: the best experience I have made using LibraZiK studio, it’s a multimedia distribution based on Debian 8 ( http://librazik.tuxfamily.org/base-site-LZK/english.php ) - it seems to me it’s even a bit more reliable than AVLinux. On my Debian 8 and 9 systems Ardour runs fine also. UbuntuStudio… yes, but I prefer the other mentioned distributions.
In the past there has also been a distribution called TangoStudio which is based on Debian 7 (Debian 7 will be feeded with security stuff until spring of 2018 - https://sourceforge.net/projects/tangostudio/ ) - in my experience TangoStudio has been very reliable - especially on old hardware. I still love it. :slight_smile: