which linux do you use for ardour?

One thing, I run ardour on a athlon XP 1,7 GHz on a ubuntu studio gutsy gibbon distro and i m quite happy with it… but I wanna ask you: whats your favorite distro to run ardour with? I ve heard that there are quite good alternatives to the big ubuntu studio distro… does someone has experience…?? Thx!

Fedora 10 (soon to be Fedora 11) on a 17" MacBook Pro with 30" second monitor

AV Linux which is Debian based


64studio, or Debian testing/sid


Fedora 10/PlanetCCRMA

I’ve been using the PlanetCCRMA distro for years now, and wouldn’t move from it.

64 Studio… surprised?

ubuntu Hardy (8.04 LTS)
with a lot of tweaking…

64 studio 3.0-beta3

Gentoo with the pro-audio overlay installed

debian sid / custom

I also run Ardour in Ubuntu Studio (only I’m in 10.4, Jaunty) and have had some stability problems, so if there are any suggestions about Ardour’s performance in alternative distros, I would love to here them.

@ musicmatt5:

you mean 9.04 Jaunty no?

All in all, I tried about 9 different Linux distros before settling on 64studio. The others included Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, Debian, Freespire, PCLinuxOS and a few more that I can’t remember. 64studio was the best on my machine.

Gentoo + pro-audio overlay

Which generation of MacbookPro are you using? Do you have any compatibility problems—ACPI, touchpad, keyboard layout, Airport? I have a MacBookPro 3.1 15" (came out in late 2007). How was your overall experience with Fedora on the MacBook Pro? Last time I used fedora in late 2006 on a desktop I wasn;t completely happy, but back then I didn’t do any audio work.

I’m using Ubuntu Studio 9.04 with the real-time kernel and I’m not completely happy about it. The pulseaudio doesn’t start my volume at start up no matter what I do, Jack gets random xruns after using ardour for one hour (and it is only using a quarter of my 2gb memory). I get xruns in jack after some time in use when no music software is open. Plus occasional crashing. It is a 64bit distro. The settings are fine according to ubuntuforums and what I’ve read.

Anyone else using a mac with linux for ardour? How has your experience been?


I have a question regarding Fedora 10/PlanetCCRMA. I went through the steps of installing Fedora and the PlanetCCRMA distro, and everything went fine except that Ardour only acknowleges 2 of my Delta 1010’s 12 inputs. I was wondering if anyone knew the fix for this.

thx for all your answers… guess i will try studio 64 soon as well…

Kubuntu 9.04 is working great for me at the moment. (with quite a few bits and pieces built from source)…

MyLinux with LFS


-very unstable,so I have to spend a lot of time to fix it
-experimental unstable kernel, so I have to spend a lot of time to fix it
-no userfriendly bullshit, so I spend a lot of time to make useful preferences
-lot of workarounds needed for to make it half work
-crashes often, so I spend a lot of time to fix it
-no wannabe community, so have to find out how it works with manpages
-audio don’t work so I have to spend a lot of time to fix it
-because I hate to make music
-because I’m a funny guy