Which LADSPA plugins are in the SAE-version?

Which LADSPA plugins are in the SAE-version?

Thanks. This could be useful for people who uses the ‘normal’ ardour version and don’t have much experience with plugins… This ones are good to start with, is this conclusion right?


right there in the upper right corner of this very window …

	ladspa_plugin_whitelist.push_back (1203); // single band parametric
	ladspa_plugin_whitelist.push_back (1772); // caps compressor
	ladspa_plugin_whitelist.push_back (1913); // fast lookahead limiter
	ladspa_plugin_whitelist.push_back (1075); // simple RMS expander
	ladspa_plugin_whitelist.push_back (1061); // feedback delay line (max 5s)
	ladspa_plugin_whitelist.push_back (1216); // gverb
	ladspa_plugin_whitelist.push_back (2150); // tap pitch shifter

in the case of caps, we end up including others in the package because of the way its compiled, but these are the only ones that show up in the plugin list.