Which distros do the devs use?


I’ve seen a few posts about distro recommendations, preferences, and suggestions, but none that specifically ask which ones the Ardour developers use. I’m interested to know who uses generic distros and tweaks, who sticks with audio-specific distros and sends all their tweaks upstream, and what flavours/DEs are most popular among developers who work on Ardour (and Jack).

That is not really the right question. The things a developer looks for (like fast compile speed) may not be what is best for producing music. Testing can be done for a lot of things with high latency or in some cases no sound card at all. Quite often adding a the gui part of a feature takes ten times as long the audio part.

The last part of this is that many devs stop making music when they start developing… go figure.

Personally, I use ubuntustudio, but I am pretty sure I am the only one. most use debian that I am aware of.

I use Debian Stretch with the KXStudio repos and the standard Debian kernel (no low latency, no RT kernel) for producing. It’s very stable!

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Hi i used debian stretch with repository kx studio or avlinux 64,or ubuntustudio,or kxstudio ( new version 18.04 future release).