Which distro/setup is easiest to get started with?

I killed my computer last night trying to resize a Linux partition. Rather than struggle with grub and all that trying to get it working again, and still not having a working Ardour (it never worked reliably before), I think it’s time to just install a new distro and try again from scratch (and let it do the boot loader stuff automatically during install, hopefully). Before last night, I had a triple boot:

  1. Windows XP
  2. Fedora Core 3 --> PlanetCCRMA
  3. Libranet --> Debian --> DeMuDi (Debian wouldn’t install on my laptop because of Nvidia drivers)

I’d like to replace the Libranet hack with something new and clean and hopefully something that will run Ardour stably. So what’s the best method?

  • I’ve seen on the CCRMA mailing list that there are newer versions that run on FC4 and FC5
  • There are also newer versions of DeMuDi
  • K/Ubuntu with something else on top of it, as mentioned elsewhere on this forum?
  • dyne:bolic?
  • Musix?

Basically I want an easy-to-install distro that will run Ardour smoothly. (Does such a thing exist?)

On my computer I’m running Ubuntu with Ardour and I think it works great! I’m no fan of hours of configuration and I’m very satisfied with Ubuntu and Ardour. Everything has worked fine since day one!

Well, I figured out GRUB, thanks to this excellent tutorial: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/4622 and got my computer booting again, so it’s not as urgent anymore.

I’ve heard great things about (K)ubuntu, but it doesn’t have built-in support for the dedicated audio setups and low-latency patches and such, does it?

I’m thinking PlanetCCRMA with a newer version of FC, but I’m not sure if FC4 or FC5 would involve the least headaches. Any advice?

for the time being. upgrading is pretty easy if you ever need to.

Ok, I will do that. Why is it better than FC5?

Low-latency patch…? I don’t really know. Haven’t heard of it but it sounds like something I should check out. Since everything worked so fine for me from I didn’t need to seek an alternative configuration. But I’ve also read somewhere that Ubuntu is not recommended for audio use. Maybe it was here at ardour.org… I guess it’s because of these things you mentioned.

FC4 is more mature and stable. The PlanetCCRMA FC5 app set is not quite finalized.

Maybe this site will be of help to you.

That’s very helpful! Thanks!

Very nice! I think I know what my next attempt will be…