which control surface is recommended for ardour on linux?

hi fellow ardour users!

i’d like to get a control surface for ardour that will do the following things:

  • 8 or so motor faders with working feedback and touch automation
  • a jog/shuttle wheel that will be able to control jack transport
  • a bunch of rotary controllers

optionally, a timecode display would be really cool, provided jack or ardour can update it, and the ability to control locations/loop/punches.

and then, of course, the whole thing should be as cheap as possible.

what would you recommend? currently, i’m looking into a behringer bcf2000 for the basics…

thanks in advance,


Hi Jörn,
I am very happy with my Behringer BCF2000, working with the Mackie driver. You have the faders with automation and feedback (if you choose write for the automation in a track), the wheel to control the transport and the rotary controllers that control the pan for mono tracks, also with automation and feedback. It doesn’t have the timecode display, though. But you have punch control and can jump to markers by pushing the prev and next buttons. Take a look at section 10.6 of the manual.

thanks pablo for your comment. i think i’ll go for the behringer then.