Which base plugin use in Ardour

Hi folks,

i’m using some basic plugins in Ardour.
LSP family, Calf (i know they are deprecated but i can still use it in ardour 8.6 after compiling it my arch installation), some ACE, guitarix an then some virtual instruments (odin 2, dexed, zynaddsubfx, Surge XT).
Then i downloaded many SF2 bank and used it with Calf fluydytnh for now.
So what is you preferred plugin to load soundfonts?
Which lv2 plugin instruments do you reccomand?

For now i can’t use windows vst plugin cause wine 9.7 and yabridge can’t work and i can’t downgrading wine for now.
If it possible i’d like to use only lv2 or ladaspa but unfortunately the are some nay and very good windows vst that are yet valuable.


Also used to use Calf Fluid Synth, now I use ACE Fluid Synth

Fluida: GitHub - brummer10/Fluida.lv2: Fluidsynth as LV2 plugin

Thanks! i tried to use sfizz with carla and ardour but is useless.
It stop to work after loading a sf2 family music fonts.
Thanks i will try Fluida!

sfizz is not an SF2 soundfont player. It is for playing SFZ libraries, which despite the similarity of the name are not the same as SF2 and not compatible.

If I remember well, it can also load sf2. Or maybe is SFZero-x that can do it ?!?