Where to set midi map in the drumkit plugins?


I have a midi drum tracks created in Mulab and apparently the midi are not the same for Mulab and BlackPearl/RedZeppelin drums since I hear a Hit-Hat when I should hear a snare and nothing when I should here something.

So, is there a Midi-map sort of something that I can edit in BlackPearl or RedZeppelin ? So that I can set “D4 = snare” and stuff like that?

Thank you.

In short: you cannot do this directly.

Maybe you can translate this at export of the .mid data from MULAB?

The AVLinux drumkits and the LV2 plugins for those kits have a fixed, dedicated mapping. This does not match general-midi-drums since those kits have a lot of non-standard sounds. The current mapping is shown at https://x42-plugins.com/x42/x42-avldrums#noteassignments or a PDF from http://www.bandshed.net/avldrumkits/

You could use some 3rd party midi-mapper tool, ideally pre-process the file so that you can edit easily in Ardour.

if you need to do this in live, you could use midimap.lv2 and a custom config e.g.

Ok, I’ll give it a try with the midi note/transpose plugin. We’ll see.

OH, but, Robin Gareus, you’re the one who made this plugin?!
But you also made the drumkit actually?

Why, thank you. :slight_smile:

…and large parts of Ardour, too :slight_smile: You’re very welcome and good luck!

In what directory the config file must be saved, please?

It does not matter. You can select/open the file using the plugin’s GUI.

No, where? I can’t see it in the plugin’s gui. :confused:

Oh dear. There is a bug in Ardour 5.12 that doesn’t show GUIs of plugins that don’t have any normal control-parameters (but only file i/o). That was meanwhile fixed but there is no release of that yet…

I’m sorry I should have tested this before suggesting it as solution.

You might work around this by creating a LV2 preset using another LV2 host and then loading that in Ardour… or use some other means of mapping MIDI.

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No, you were right, sorry. I made a confusion between “midi channel/note map”, which has no cfg file and “midi event map”, which has a cfg file input, and it works. For my defense it was in the “utility” category, I searched in “midi” category.

Thank you.