where to putu midi binding map?

Hi all
i’m trying to write a midi map for the Motormix, but i don’t know where to put it
probably a noob question, but i couldn’t get any info about it
i’ll share it as soon as tested and working

@evlsht: are you actually testing your map with ardour 3, or just writing it? if you want to test it, it would be best to put it into ~/.config/ardour3/midi_maps and its name should end in “.map”

hi and thanks for your answer
i started writing a few lines, but i wanted to check before doing the whole stuff
i was looking for such a folder,it was inexistant butafter your message i created it and Ardour recognizes the map on start!
ithere seems to be some errors in my file, so i can’t see the map in the control surfaces submenu. but that’s a first important step
thanks alot