Where To launch

hi all,
have a probleme,i have building and install ardour 2 with the scons command on a debian fetch system,
now i can’t find a shortcut in my audio program list for launch ardour,
can you show me the way to start , run , launch , ardour please
thank you for u response

I download the tar file …which appeared to settle in my tmp file. I next did an extraction and nothing…does not show up on my system menu, does not appear sound and video. does any one have any idea what I am doing wrong. many thanks!!mm

ps: ubuntu 6.06LTS

The tar file contains source code. You must build the program before running it. Please see http://ardour.org/building for more information.

If building Ardour is too difficult for you (which is nothing to be ashamed of), you might try something like Ubuntu Studio (http://ubuntustudio.org), which has a packaged version of Ardour, so I’ve heard.

DonF: WOw! building from the source code looks pretty much involved. I would like to learn, can you refer me to a book or something that maybe has smaller projects that I can learn from. Most of the books on linux usually deal with - installation and bash entries. ( I guess you can tell I am new to linux)…



PS: I am running ubuntu 6.06 and looks like ubuntu studio requires a newer verison of ubuntu.

type “ardour2”. the program itself will be /usr/local/bin.

if you want ardour to show up in system menus etc, then you need to install a packaged version for your distribution. the version of ardour that we release as source code doesn’t attempt to integrate with different distributions’ various desktop systems in anyway.

Try running update manager and you should see the next Ubuntu version (6.10) available. Upgrade to that and then again to 7.04 afterwards, and you should be set to install the ubuntu studio packages:


Scroll down that page to the repository info and either run the commands they give you or put the url in Synaptic and load from there.