Where to install the vst2 plugins - Linux Mint 21

Hello, i installed the flatpak version from the application manager of Linux Mint 21.
VST3 Plugins are running, but all my downloaded VST2 not.
I copied the vst3 Plugins in my home directory in special path.

My question: Where is the right place to copy the vst plugins or the lv2 plugins in my system?
Do i have any special rights set ober Flatseal?

Greetings, Stefan

You should be able to use ~/.vst for VST2 plug-ins. IIRC this is one of Ardour’s default locations, however you can also set additional search paths in Preferences->VST
You will also see there whether VST2 support has been enabled or not. Depending upon the build / origin of your flatpak this may not be the case. It is probably better to obtain / use the pre-built ardour binaries from ardour.org

Plugins don’t work outside of Flatpaks, they don’t utilize the common system locations… :roll_eyes:

It is a horrid way to distribute Ardour and most other Audio Programs… If you want to use Ardour to it’s full potential as stated obtain their official binary bundles from here, it’s the only way it is supported anyway.


Flatpak builds generally do not allow accessing outside files. I think someone in the forums recently described a way that Flatpak applications can be allowed to read non-Flatpak files, but I do not remember enough details to find it. You could try searching the forums for Flatpak, you may be able to find it, but as GMaq pointed out you are just making your life harder by trying to use Flatpak for audio production apps.

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