Where to insert plugin to compensate for standing waves when mixing

Good afternoon
I want to try using an equaliser as a 3 notch filter to compensate for standing waves in the room where I am mixing.
Ive tried inserting an equaliser using the i/o plugins on the master and monitor out (only one of these each time) but found that both of these locations seem to boost the volume, when i have not added any gain and the eq.s are all cuts.Can you tell me why this might occur?
Many thanks

Sounds like an issue in the EQ to be honest. Could it be summing to Mono for instance and then distributing the mono to both outputs?

To answer your question in the title, the correct place would be in the plugin processor box in the monitor section, as generally that does not affect the export of the session.


Thanks I will try out your helpful suggestions

Thanks! It works great in the Monitor plugins slot :grinning: