Where to get the source for the 32-bit version of 6.9.0 for OS X 10.6+?

Hey guys,

So I’d like to compile/install the 32-bit version of Ardour 6.9.0 for Mac OS X (10.6.8) for some experimentation and tests on my particular machine.

Is the source downloadable via git clone git://git.ardour.org/ardour/ardour.git <VERSION> as per the Building Ardour on OS X instructions?

Is there a command I can use to show me all available versions?

I successfully ran git clone git://git.ardour.org/ardour/ardour.git 6.9.0 , but is what I downloaded the source for the 64-bit version?

Thanks for any help/info.!

git tag shows you all the tagged versions.

If you want to compile Ardour 6.9 you run git checkout 6.9 in your 6.9.0 folder.

As per Xcode 10 and 32-bit clang | Apple Developer Forums you seem to need Xcode 9.4 or older to be able to compile 32-bit programs.

There is just one source code, 64 bit or 32 bit is a compilation option.

Oh, okay. Yeah I’m very ignorant about this sort of stuff… :expressionless:
-Thanks for the info.!

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